Protestors at Occupy Wall Street's media area coordinate news updates on laptop computers powered by a portable gas-powered generator in Manhattan's financial district's Zuccotti park, Sunday, Oct. 2, 2011, in New York
Unchaining the Masses with Wireless Tethering John Minchillo /AP Photo

The Occupy Wall Street anti-corporate protests came to a sudden end today as thousands of youths queued up early at the Manhattan Apple store to await the arrival of that corporation’s newly announced iPhone 4s.

Although the new phones are not arriving from Chinese factories until their 14 October release, the anti-globalization protesters expect the new phones to help carry their message to the people more easily, preferably to those with broadband.

When asked of the sudden change in the movement’s direction, a spokesman for the organization muttered something about “99% more bandwidth” and to “scan the QR code on my hand-knitted hemp scarf. All the information’s on my blog, man.”

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